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    Red Wings Basket Ball Team,
Weehawken, New Jersey, 1941
Al Porcino, Charles Colin,
Louis Prima, Central Theatre
Pasaic, New Jersey, 1943
Louis Prima Orchestra,
Hollywood, 1943
    Al Porcino with Louis Prima,
Denver, 1943
Georgie Auld Orchestra,
Chicago, 1946
Stan Kenton Orchestra,
Commodor Hotel, New York, 1947
    Gene Krupa Band, Aquarium Club,
New York, 1947
Kenton Trumpets, Boston, 1947 Gene Krupa Band, Aquarium Club,
New York, 1947
    Al Porcino publicity shot for
Vega Trumpet, 1947
Al Porcino, Gene Krupa,
Ray Triscari on tour, 1948

Frank Rosolino, Eileen Porcino,
Tiny Khan, Al Porcino,
Night Club, New York, 1947


Woody Herman Band,
Al Porcino, Conte Candoli, Don Ferrara,
Rolf Erickson, Capitol Theatre,
New York, 1950

Georgie Auld Band,
Gerry Mulligan, Earl Swope,
Kinny Dorham,
Apollo Theatre, New York, 1950
Charlie Barnet Orchestra,
Chesapeak Bay Ferry, 1950
    Al Porcino, Art Pepper, fans,
Stan Kenton Orchestra,
Dallas, Texas, 1950
Al Cohn, Al Porcino,
Charlie Parker, Eddie Bert,
Nola's Studio, Broadway,
New York, 1950
Buddy DeFranco Band,
tp: Ed Badgely, Al Porcino,
Buzzy Mills, trb. Ace Lane,
Rustic Cabin, New Jersey, 1951
    Al Porcino with Count Basie,
Strand Theatre, New York, 1951
Elliot Lawrence, Johnny Mandel,
Al Cohn, Statler Hotel, N.Y., 1952
Jimmy Dorsey Band,
Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tenn., 1953
    Woody Herman Orchestra,
Ireland, 1954

Stan Kenton Orchestra,
Ford Bragg, New California, 1955

Al Porcino with
Terry Gibbs Big Band, Hollywood, 1959

Al Porcino Big Band,
Venice, California, 1961

Al's 2nd wife Sandy jitterbugging
with Miles Davis at Lalo Schifrin's
house in Hollywood, 1961
Stan Kenton and Al studying a score,
Hollywood, 1961
    Al with Frank Sinatra,
Hollywood, CBS TV studio, 1967
Al Porcino, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis,
Copenhagen, 1969
Al Porcino with Chuck Mangione and
the Rochester Symphony Orchesta,
    Al Porcino Big Band with Mel Tormé,
Hotel St. Regis, New York,1974
Al Porcino and his
Jazz Adventures, New York, 1975
Al Porcino and Chuck Mangione,
London, 1980
    Al Cohn, Mel Lewis,
Al Porcino, New York, 1984
Al Cohn, Al Porcino, Mel Lewis,
Bill Holman, Cologne, 1985
Touring in Japan playing
Glenn Miller , 1989
    Phil Woods and Al, Chicago, 2002 Al brainwashing a new generation,
Hirschgarten, Munich
House where Al grew up, Brooklyn,
N.Y. 2006
    Al, Herb Geller & Charlie Kennedy,
München 2006
Al & Charlie Kennedy,
München 2006
Manfred Rehm & Al,
Ingolstadt 2006
    Roman Schwaller & Al,
Munich 2007
Thomas Zoller & Al,
Munich 2007
Thomas Faist and Al on their birthday,
May 14, 2008, with Heiner
Stegmann, the webmaster
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